Suicide and Other Empty Promises (DEMO)

by Less Than Expected

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Demo of "Suicide and Other Empty Promises" from the upcoming album.

This one's a bit personal. It started as a song about a childhood friend who always comes back around and causes chaos, so a couple years ago I decided to just ignore his phone calls. As I started playing with other lyric ideas, I started to think about my ex-wife and how things worked out with her. So, It sort of shifted towards that relationship, the way it played into both my life and that of our children. When my youngest was only 2-years old, she bailed on us. This song sort of went from a song about a bad friend to a song about a very confusing and sad relationship.


phone rang its 4am, Now I won’t get to sleep tonight
Dragged into a time machine, back to 2005
I just don't see why you’d think, I’d ever do this again
Everytime I clean the sheets, You cycle right back in

I’ve been down this road before,I know it’s a dead end
Like a sad movie that makes me cry, but I watch it again
You’ve lied and cheated. You’ve stole all I could give
Life’s stranger than fiction and I’m done with you my friend!

You say it’s different now, you said that you screwed up
You don’t get it, I can’t care. I dont give a fuck
Your melodramatic waves of chaos with no tide
You want to prove you’ve changed, Try not threatening suicide


She walked in the door, one more time , I asked her to leave
I won’t risk loving her, I won’t be decieved
I don't care about this now I’ve got to go to sleep
It’s not another love song, Just a story about me

You said it’d be different, I guess you didn’t lie,
left me and the kids But we’ve learned to survive.
We built hope in love and a home filled with sunshine,
I’m sad when I think how you missed out on their lives.
I’ve spent so much energy being angry for what you did,
so this will be the last song about you and your sins.
You gave up on us, I guess you did what you had to do
So, I wish you happiness and I forgive you


released September 23, 2018
Written and Performed by Martin Dunn




Less Than Expected Conneaut, Ohio

Less Than Expected is a Sludge Punk/Noise hard rock band based in Northeast Ohio.

The project is inspired by a mixture of Punk, Sludge, Noise, Grunge and Hard Rock bands.

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