Tossing Crumbs at Orwellian Fools (Demo)

by Less Than Expected



Demo recording.


Everyone wants their voices to be heard
Strum a guitar and say pretentious words
It's that folk punk rock elitist bullshit
Cash in on the scene and make some cents
Since your sense is dirty rotten scents
I'll ignore your plea for social ignorance
We continue to string up the accusers
but fall in line and worship our abusers

I want to write a song that's important
but I can't find a thing to sing about
So I'll string together words in a melody
sound like I know what I'm talking about
I just wanna fight all oppression
Sounds like a profitable thing to do
I'll write protests songs about anarchy
Then pay my taxes just like you

The time has come for more singing words
Blame each other before voicing concerns
We're all trapped in our prison cell phones
offended by opinions, we're social media drones
condoning all this hatred, and what for
We're not fighting it, You ARE 1984
blind leading the blind, can't you see
It's not solving a problem, It's fueling the machine


released September 1, 2017
Written and Produced by Martin Dunn




Less Than Expected Ashtabula, Ohio

Hailing from the frozen tundras of North Eastern Ohio, Less Than Expected burst onto the scene with their unorthodox mixture of noisy feedback-driven hard rock. Mixing Grunge/Punk infused power chords with melodic overtones and sardonic but veraciously introspective lyrics. Less Than Expected were quickly labeled “Sludge Punk” by the locals and have devotedly embraced the title. ... more

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