Is This Punk? (demo)

by Less Than Expected



Demo of "Is This Punk?" from the upcoming album.

I wrote this song as a joke to some friends as we always see these social media groups where these younger kids are arguing about "is this punk". It is a silly song and just a funny joke that evolved into this.

The song has a lot more pieces I'm playing with, but as this was a demo to get the track down and build upon, I decided it was worth sharing.


I woke up this morning, put my converse on
Pulled my adolescents shirt on and then I walked my dog
Some kids were laughing, pointing right towards me
I asked them what was up, and they explained you see

My shirt wasn’t punk rock, they claimed I wasn’t punk
My shoes and socks AND hair and pants weren’t punk enough
This declaration to me, didn’t make any sense,
Does this mean I should question my existence?

Ohhhh, I don’t know,
Ohhhh, This can’t be so?
Ohhhh, Is This Punk Rock?
Please tell me, What is punk rock supposed to be?

I read on the internet, that punk rock was dead
I swear on everything, these kids are now in my head
I bought the new GBH and Pennywise LP’s
What’s going on, can someone explain this to me?

Is this punk rock? That question makes no sense
Punk is freedom from answering stupid shit like this
I read that I had aged out, that I shouldn’t even try
I’m not supposed to feel this old, When I’m only 35

Ohhhh, I don’t know,
Ohhhh, This can’t be so?
Ohhhh, Is This Punk Rock?
Please tell me, What is punk rock supposed to be?

These rules are an oxymoron, Was I just deceived?
I don’t know where I stand, What does all this mean?
Are the Germs punk rock? What about Minor Threat?
Do my punk rock friends know we’re posers instead?

My generation were left behind, these kids weren’t at all
They know what is punk, it’s on their facebook wall
I’m not a real punk, They’re smarter than me they said (told me so)
They went to college and are drowning in student debt (student loans)


released August 30, 2018
Written and performed by Martin Dunn




Less Than Expected Ashtabula, Ohio

Hailing from the frozen tundras of North Eastern Ohio, Less Than Expected burst onto the scene with their unorthodox mixture of noisy feedback-driven hard rock. Mixing Grunge/Punk infused power chords with melodic overtones and sardonic but veraciously introspective lyrics. Less Than Expected were quickly labeled “Sludge Punk” by the locals and have devotedly embraced the title. ... more

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